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Part Number: 38M6020AA1212

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Part Number: 38M6020AA1212

– Wireless Power Charging Station
– RFID and NFC antennas
– PCB and IC components
– Switch-mode power supplies
Key Benefits:
– Can be quickly implemented into custom designs
– Easier to handle in production verse rigid plates
– High surface resistivity
– Can be cut with a knife, razor or scissors Die cutting is available
– Easy to apply – peel and stick
The recommended operating temperature is -40º to +85ºC and the typical thermal conductivity is  6 watt / m-ºC.  
Storage Temperature : -40º to +85ºC, suggested shelf life is one year;
however shelf life may be extended by storage at 22 – 25ºC and 45-55% RH avoiding light and dust.

Used primarily for suppressive applications, the amount of noise that is absorbed at higher frequencies
is proportional to the resistive component of the permeability (μ’’) and the thickness of the ferrite.
The operational frequencies can range from below 1 MHz into the GHz range, making it ideal for a multitude of applications.

Material Grade M6
Sheet Size 120 x 120 mm
Ferrite Thickness 0.2 mm
Total Thickness 0.23 mm

Typical Shielding Effectiveness (dB): Test Method as noted –>  **, ***
PARTNUMBER Material 1MHz** 6.78MHz** 13.56MHz** 100MHz*** 300MHz***
38M6020AA1212 M6 13.2 13.2 11.7 6.4 2.9
** Shielding Effectiveness (SE) at 1 -50MHz : measured using IEC 6233-2 Rde Inter Decoupling Ratio method  (loop to loop distance= 6mm).
This method is meaningful as a measure of decoupling effectiveness circuit to circuit or to metal surfaces (plane to plane).
*** Shielding Effectiveness (SE) at 100MHz+ : measured using IEC 6233-2 Rrs Radiation Suppression Ratio method  (50-ohm Microstripline).
This method is meaningful as a measure of shielding for radiated emissions of “antennas”.

Equipment Used:
E5072A Vector Network Analyzer (30kHz – 8.5 GHz)
HP4291A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer (1MHz-3GHz)
E4991A with 16453A Dielectric Test Fixture
HP4284A for Temperature testing
25mm diameter slotted loop antennas
50-ohm Micro-Stripline Test Fixture

Material Characteristics

grade M6
µ’ nominal 220
Ni Zn refer to
Bmax (gauss) 2960 note 1
Br (gauss) 1800 note 1
Hc (oersted) 2.8 note 1
Curie Temp. ( ºC ) > 200 note 2
µ ‘ at +85ºC 205 note 2
T.C. 20-70ºC 0.03% note 2
e’/e” at 1MHz 11.1/1.2 note 3
e’/e” at 10MHz 9.9/0.5 note 3
e’/e” at 100MHz 9.4/0.54 note 3
e’/e” at 1 GHz 6.5/2.9 note 3


note 1: Flex Material characteristics were measured on specially prepared Lab Toroids and will vary from measurements possible in sheet form.
Toroidal measurements were performed on ring cores measuring: 15/6/7 mm.
BH characteristics performed at 10kHz and 23ºC. µ’/µ” vs. frequency performed on HP4291A,
temperature characteristics performed with HP4284A at 10khz.
note 2: Being that the flexible ferrite sheets are used in combination with PET film and adhesive: operation is limited to 85ºC MAX.
note 3: Permittivity tests performed on two: 0.5 mm thick ferrite sheets with adhesive side back to back.

Storage and Operating Temperature
Printer Friendly Data Sheet - Download as pdf file

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