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Fair-Rite prides itself on its strong and dedicated engineering team. Our technical engineers are ready to develop a robust process for your application needs.

Whether it is a minor change to an existing part or a completely new design, Fair-Rite has the process knowledge to help you develop a cost-effective solution. While ferrite manufacturing has been studied for decades, there is still an element of “art” versus “science” associated with producing parts consistently within desired specifications – both mechanically and electrically. For over sixty years, Fair-Rite has been perfecting our ferrite manufacturing process; this is where our focus on quality enables us to develop an optimal process to achieve a commercially viable solution with the desired characteristics for a particular application. Whether it’s developing a multi-level tool to press a complex part or an alternate kiln profile to ensure certain electrical properties, our engineers have the know-how from closely controlling the process and examining the results to develop a robust method.

Our goal is to seamlessly transition your parts from small to large scale production, either in the US or overseas, to further reduce lead times and improve your probability of success.

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