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Fair-Rite is an ISO 9001 and  IATF 16949 certified company. Process and product controls including, measurement, traceability, handling and delivery, meet the highest quality standards.

Corrective and preventative actions, statistical methods, and internal audits are applied to guarantee continual improvement. Extensive training is provided to all employees to support the quality management system. Product inspection, tests and records verify that specified requirements are met. Critical characteristics are monitored by statistical methods, including pre-control, control charts, and SPC. Process capability indices, Cpk’s, are targeted to exceed 1.33 for critical characteristics.

C=0 sampling plans are employed, meaning no defects are allowed in any sample. Visual inspection criteria for chips, cracks, and surface anomalies are documented.

Fair-Rite can also offer 100% mechanical and electrical inspection.

Vision System

For parts that require 100% optical inspection, Fair-Rite has developed its own automated vision system to ensure all parts are within mechanical tolerances and there are no unacceptable chips, cracks, or voids. This is specific to rods and shield beads, and Fair-Rite currently processes parts from 0.5mm to 5mm in OD and 5mm to 15mm in length.

Toroid sorting

Toroids can be 100% sorted for inductance  with our high-speed sorting equipment. These are typically used for higher perm parts when a tighter-tolerance is required.

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