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While some parts may be ready to inspect and ship after being formed and sintered, some require additional finishing in order to meet the mechanical or electrical requirements of the customer. At Fair-Rite, we are a leader in the industry for these types of processes.


Depending on the part, some ‘flashing’ may occur at its edges making them sharp. In order to remove the ‘flashing’,  these parts are tumbled in large bowls with media. Removing the sharp edge (flash) reduces the possibility of damaging wire insulation in the end application.


Centerless Grinding

Fair-Rite is exceptional at processing cylindrical parts that require tolerances of 0.025mm or tighter on their outside diameter using our centerless grinding process. We are currently capable of cylinders between 0.5mm and 30mm in diameter, and up to 75 mm in length.

Plunge Grinding

In some cases, features within a part cannot be achieved in the “forming” stage and thus requires some post-processing. To this point, plunge grinding is used to create a bobbin from a rod reliably and cost-effectively. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Surface Finishing

For either mechanical or electrical purposes, some parts require a certain flatness specification to function properly. To achieve this, Fair-Rite has the capability to grind the surface of these parts using various methods; depending on the process an average surface roughness is 0.85 µm and can be as smooth as 0.25 µm through feed, polish and lapping.


Generally done for power parts, gapping is a process of introducing an air-gap in a part in order to increase its ability to handle electric current. Fair-Rite offers standard sizes of products for your power applications and can hold some AL values of +/- 2% and mechanical gaps as close as +/- 0.001”.


Through the annealing of certain materials, Fair-Rite has the flexibility to change the electrical properties of the parts to meet certain requirements. Please contact us for more information.

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