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Our Goals

Our Goals

1. Continual Improvement: Reduce the number customer issues. When they do arise, improve response time to these issues. Reduce cost of poor quality by focusing on reducing scrap, rework, and returns.

2. Customer Focus: Improve customer satisfaction and quote response time to increase sales. To ensure we are fulfilling this promise, or identify areas for improvement please complete our customer satisfaction survey.

3. Design and Development: Continue to improve our production processes and product offerings.

4. Internal Audits: Complete audits and corrective actions in a timely manner.

5. Management Commitment and Planning: Increase profitability through improvement of key company directives.

6. Outsource Control: Improve supplier effectiveness and reduce instances of premium freight.

7. Product Realization: Improve on-time shipments.

8. Resource Management: Improve productivity and reduce equipment downtime.

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