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Our Goals

Our Goals

1. Improve on-time shipments
– At Fair-Rite, we are committed to delivering your products on-time and in-full to our promise date.

2. Reduce cost of poor quality
– Our focus on reducing scrap, rework, and returns helps drive down our costs and waste.

3. Improve customer satisfaction
– Fair-Rite is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. To ensure we are fulfilling this promise, or identify areas for improvement please complete our customer satisfaction survey.

4. Improve productivity
– At Fair-Rite, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes to make them more efficient and increase productivity.

5. Increase communications
– Communication within our company is of utter importance to Fair-Rite, which is why we have set a goal to ensure we provide updates to our employees regularly.

6. Improve working conditions
– Fair-Rite is committed to continually improving our working conditions through capital investments and other projects.

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