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For over sixty years Fair-Rite Products Corp. has been the first choice in cost effective ferrite components. We offer a comprehensive product line that includes a wide range of materials and geometries for EMI Suppression, Power Applications, and RFID Antennas. We place the highest value on quality, engineering, service, and continual improvement.

Standard Ferrite Parts
Fair-Rite Products Corp. supplies a wide variety of standard catalog ferrite parts to thousands of customers worldwide. Many commonly used ferrite parts are stocked by our distributors, who offer prompt deliveries. Online Catalog...

Custom Ferrite Parts
In addition to our standard product offering, Fair-Rite can provide custom designs and shapes to meet your specific requirements. We have an experienced team of engineers to assist you with new design and technical support. Read More...Questions...?

New Low Frequency Suppression Cable Components
New Low Frequency Suppression Cable Components Optimized for 200kHz to 30MHz Read More...Questions...?

Ferrite Machining
Fair-Rite offers machining for New Designs, Modifications/Existing Designs, Special Shapes, Configurations Not Able to be Pressed, Tighter Tolerances, Prototyping/Proof of Concept, Quick Turns, Gapping, Slotting Read More...Questions...?

Fair-Rite-Flexible Ferrite Sheets
RoHS compliant sheets are offered in six material grades and four standard ferrite plate thicknesses. The sheets are manufactured with 0.01 mm thick PET film on one side of the ferrite material and 0.02 mm thick adhesive tape on the opposite side. Read More...Questions...?

Power Materials and Components
Fair-Rite now offers a full line of Power Material Components. We carry a full line of Pot Cores, RM Cores, PQ Cores, E Cores, EFD Cores, Planar Cores, ETD Cores and EER Cores. Read More... Questions...?

Flex Circuit & Ribbon Cable Core Kit
EMI suppression cores for use with Flex Circuit and Ribbon Cable. Single piece and Split Core construction available. 43 Material provides superior suppression from 25 to 500 MHz. Read More...Questions...?

High Frequency Toroid Kit
Fair-Rite Products Corp has created a High Frequency Toroid Kit for inductive applications operating at a frequency of 1MHz and above. The kit contains eight sizes in four materials. The toroids range from a 6mm OD to 61mm OD. The materials are selected for optimized performance over a specified frequency range for power conversion and low loss applications. Read More...Questions...?

Antenna/RFID Rods
Fair-Rite offers a comprehensive line of ferrite cores for use in antenna and RFID transponder applications. Available in three materials, our precision-ground antenna rods are designed for high Q applications over a wide frequency range. Read More...Questions...?