In 2013, Fair-Rite opened its doors to its first wholly owned subsidiary overseas plant in Haining, China. The purpose of this location is to deliver cost effective solutions to our customers while maintaining the high quality levels on which Fair-Rite has built its reputation.

In the US, we can design and tool any custom project that is needed. Once complete, we then transition that part to China to manufacture. To ensure our high standards are maintained, we’re proud to say we have engineers and logistics employees constantly overseas to help coach and implement quality into our ferrite process.

This ISO:9001 facility currently produces 15 to 25 million pieces a month and contains over 30 employees.

Now Open!

Fair-Rite is proud to present it’s new facility in Suqian, China which further expands our capabilities.

Increased capabilities to include:

  • Larger kilns, including Box kilns
  • Higher tonnage presses
  • More advanced test equipment



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