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68 Material Data Sheet

Our highest frequency NiZn ferrite intended for broadband transformers, antennas and Hi Q inductor applications up to 150 MHz.

Strong magnetic fields or excessive mechanical stresses may result in irreversible changes in permeability or losses.

This material is only supplied to customer specific requirements and close consultation with our application staff is suggested.

 68 Material Characteristics
Property Unit Symbol Value
Initial Permeability @ B < 10 gauss µi 16
Flux Density @ Field Strength Gauss
Residual Flux Density Gauss Br 900
Coercive Force Oersted Hc 6.5
Loss Factor @ Frequency 10 -6
Tan δ/ µi 400
Temperature Coefficient of Initial Permeability (20 -70°C) %/°C 0.10
Curie Temperature °C Tc >500
Resistivity ohm-cm ρ 1×107

**** Characteristic curves are measured on standard Toroids (18/10/6 mm)  at 25°C and 10 kHz unless otherwise indicated. Impedance characteristics are measured on standard shield beads (3.5/1.3/6.0 mm) unless otherwise indicated.